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Getting to know me

In 2012 I faced a very difficult and challenging personal trauma which oddly enough I am extremely grateful for because that life experience has lead me on an incredible journey of self-discovery and development and now nearly 10 years later I find myself helping others break through challenges, intergrate holistic wellbeing tools into their life and become the best version of themselves.

In 2016 I went back to study mental health and wellbeing coaching. Here I found my path, I loved every minute of the course and the training. I was then asked to do private coaching in my school with students as a guidance role which lead me to go back and complete a postgraduate in guidance counselling and since then I have been working as a guidance counsellor within the school setting.

I teach students self-care and self-development, giving them tools to help cope with their fears and anxieties. Coaching them on how to become the best versions of themselves and to understand that in life we all experience some level of anxiety but when it becomes overwhelming and too much its ok to say you’re not ok and you need help.

From this I developed E.M.S Guidance, Empower, Motivate and Support Guidance. This is my own private practice which offers services such as one-to-one wellbeing coaching, guidance counselling and career guidance. I also facilitate wellbeing workshops for teens these workshops are very popular, so much so that parents wanted one for themselves! That is how the adult’s Minding My Mind wellbeing workshops were born.My workshops include Mediations, breathing techniques, self-care wellbeing tools, reflective practice, goal setting, restorative yoga, relaxation, and an incredible tasty nutritious cookery demonstration.


  • Bachelor of Education 2008

  • Mental health and wellbeing coach 2018

  • Post Graduate in Guidance counseling 2019

  • Reiki Master 2020

  • ASIST Training 2022

  • Diploma in eating disorders 2022

  • Diploma in Positive Psychology 2022

  • Diploma in CBT 2022

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