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Emma's Story

Emma is mum to two beautiful boys, a home economics secondary school teacher for over 15 years and after completing a number of courses around mental health and anxiety in teens she found passion and desire to help people become the best versions of themselves. With a passion for wellbeing and a big believer in ‘practice what you preach’, everything Emma teaches her students about mindfulness, meditation, sleep, exercise, nutrition, good health and growth mindset she implements in her own life.

Growing up in today’s world is not easy.  We all face challenges, stress levels are increased and social media has made the world an interesting, but sometimes a scary place to live in.  Too often teenagers feel overwhelmed in today’s world, life becomes too much, stress levels become unbearable and teens don’t know what do to, how to look after themselves or how to take back control.  Sometimes we take our minds for granted; we leave them running and forget to service them. Taking care of our mind is key to taking care of ourselves, creating balance in our life and creating good habits. I teach my students ways to create balance and fulfilment in their lives and ways to stay mentally fit. Good mental health isn’t about changing yourself it is about living with yourself, learning to love your mind and enjoying your life.

Life coaching
Colorful Crystal
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Teen Counselling and Holistic Guidance

Empowering Teens in becoming the best versions of themselves

Rest, Revive & Refocus


Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, tired, or fed up?

or are you just in need of some R&R?

To become the best versions of ourselves we must make time for ourselves, It's only when we look after ourselves we can look after others.

 I have created a gorgeous 60 or 90-minute healing session for you.

This Rest, Revive and Refocus session introduces you to a number of powerful holistic well-being tools.

We will start the session with a cup of ceremonial grade cacao and use breath work to ground you allowing you to fully arrive for your session, leaving your stress at the door. 

I will then use a variety of coaching and counseling tools to help you create balance in your life or work through any challenges you might be facing. 

I will then use Reiki energy healing to help release, and restore your energy, promoting healing. 

Career Guidance

Guidance & Inspiration
Allow teens a safe space to explore their strengths and areas for improvement within their abilities.
Set goals for the leaving cert and CAO. Visualise your future and the abundance of possibilities at your finger tips.

"My 18 year old has been attending Emma for over a year now and the change in her is incredible, she is joyful and confident again.  She is focused and knows what she wants.  We felt like we had lost our beautiful daughter to stress and anxiety forever.  Our Children nowadays have so many internal and external pressures with phones and Social Media.  Emma has given her renewed hope and given her the tools she needs to cope with whatever life throws at her.  I cannot recommend Emma enough – everyone should have an Emma to guide them through the challenging times of being a Teenager!! 

We cant thank you enough for the support and love you have shown." (Mum 2023)



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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”

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